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lasagne with tofu

Hi Jan - 

I use tofu in lasagne.  I ususally make spinach lasagne, so what I do is mix
the spinach (fresh & steamed OR frozen and thawed) with the amount of crumbled
tofu that the recipe calls for in ricotta (or just one package); add some
seasonings (nutritional yeast, pepper, nutmeg) and use as you would ricotta.
You might want to let the tofu sit in a colander for a while before using to
drain off some of the liquid, or you could do that pressing trick (I'm too
lazy), or use frozen and thawed tofu.  If you wanted, you could use a softer
tofu and blend it up so it's smooth.  A stuffed shells recipe I have calls for
that.  That recipe also adds a bit of miso and a bit of tahini to increase the
flavor or the "tofu ricotta"; you could play with other seasonings.