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I am so lucky (was Re: suggestions for Dawn)

At 09:43 AM 5/21/98 -0500, Jennifer Heineman wrote:
>  He normally eats meat when we go out to eat, which is about once a
>week, which I don't balk at since we both need to compromise in order for
>to work. 

This is the compromise that my husband and I made.  He knows better than to
turn his nose up at my cooking because I would be very hurt.  Also, he
really appreciates the fact that I do the cooking because he works 2 jobs
and just isn't up to having to make dinner most days (I only work one job
weekends so I have more time).  He is actually way more adventurous than
me, and I have seen him eat things that I made that I wouldn't even
touch...and ask for seconds <G>.  This whole discussion has made me realize
how lucky I am.  I am going to give Jeff a big hug when he gets home <smile>