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Wash for non-organic produce

Hi Monica in Oregon and Bette!

To answer Monica's question first, what is the difference between the 
two kinds of Hydrogen Peroxide:  the kind you get at the drugstore are 
FOR EXTERNAL USE according to the bottle. It is 3% H2O2  The kind
I use is Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%.  So it is very strong and have
to be carefully handled and measured. If you need further explanation on
the difference, maybe somebody out there can help!?

Bette, you got the ratio right to mix 3% solution, however I use 1 oz to
11 oz
to make 3/4 pint.  Use distilled water.

I have not soaked strawberries yet, only  apples, pears and the like.
I would think you could wash the berries, but perhaps not let them soak 
for long.  No, do not rinse with water after you soak vegetables/fruits.

Birgit in Hawaii

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