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microwave popcorn popper

My in-laws gave me one of the Orville Redenbacher poppers for Christmas.
They also gave me some extra cardboard things to put in the bottom. They
said they got them at the discount store where they purchased the popper,
but I guess availability would change depending upon where you live. You
can use and re-use the cardboard inserts for quite sometime, so you don't
need to buy truckloads for a years worth of popping.

The popper works great, by the way. FF popcorn, just like the air-poppers.

One thing I do want to add -- for safety's sake. DO NOT use just any
microwavable bowl for popping corn. And certainly DO NOT use a paper bag.
The poppers that you purchase as well as the pre-bagged pop-corn is
specially made for the purpose of popping corn in the microwave. Anything
else can get dangerous -- I know from personal experience. Fortunately, all
I have to show for my mistake is a slightly melted plastic bowl!

Beverly Brandt, Director of Training
Connect, Inc