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Re: wedding picnic

On Mon, 02 Mar 1998 09:59:13 -0700 (MST) vmodrsi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>I need suggestions--I'm getting married Mar. 21, at a relatively 
>informal outdoor wedding in a park, followed by a semi-potluck picnic,
>various folks are asking what they can bring. 
Congratulations!  Here are a few suggestions:
Try a bunch of cold salads: fruit, pasta, rice, bean, tortillini, potato,
cole slaw, etc.  As long as you aren't using eggs or egg-based mayo, the
salads should stand up in even intense heat for hours.  

Finger foods, snacky-type things are great.  You can serve fruit kebabs
and use a sweet dip, something with honey.  A selection of canapes &
appetizers would be elegant and are not labor-intensive.  Stuffed
mushrooms. Steamed veggie wontons or dumplings (from a Chinese
restaurant) and a dipping sauce.   A bowl of roasted spiced garbanzos for
people to nibble.  (If you want a couple of recipes, let me know & I'll
send 'em.) 

Is there any reason you couldn't have a couple of hot dishes?  You can
keep them heated by using one of those wire frame thingys that contain a
little warmer candle and hold the food in an aluminum pan (I can't think
of what they are called).  You could use a couple to hold a casserole or
stew or chili type dish.   

And don't forget something for the toast --- how about sparkling cider? 
Or else, I recently tried something new called Ame --- it is made in the
UK, and the label says it is a natual, lightly sparkling non-alcoholic
beverage containing a unique blend of fruit juices & eastern herbs. 
Either would be festive. 

Best wishes to both of you for a wonderful day!  

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