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McDougall & Weight Loss

	Yet another reply:  one of the things I love about the McDougall Weight
Loss Program book (and his others) is that he doesn't limit the amount of
food you eat.  The weight loss results from the proportions of different
types of food you eat, so you can have whatever amount it takes to satisfy
your hunger (a true miracle, IMHO).  The foods are whole grains, beans,
vegetables (with the emphasis on green and orange types), and fresh fruits.
 If you're eating enough of the g&o vegies, not eating flour products or
added sugars, you'll probably have no trouble losing weight.  I've found
that all the recipes I've tried in his MWLP book support the overall
program & its (beans & grains/green vegetables) proportions quite well,
making the program easy to follow.  But he also gives you simple guidlines
that allow you to just throw things together in a pot without following a
recipe, if you're in that kind of mood.  I always make lots more than the
recipes call for so I can freeze some for other nights when I'm not in the
mood to cook, which is nearly all the time. :-(  
	Another BIG plus for me is that the ingredients for his recipes are
usually inexpensive or can be easily deleted or exchanged for something
cheap.  Many, many of the recipes in the ff archives are compatible with
the MWLP program, too.  I checked out a copy of the MWLP (through
interlibrary loan) at my local library before I bought it; perhaps you do
that to see if any of the recommended programs agree with you before
investing in the book.

>...which means the danger of over eating.  Plus so many times
>these recipes want a person to have 1/2 of a grapefruit one day and then
>never have any more grapefruit that week and the rest of it goes bad.  Or a
>recipe calls for some of this and some of that and I put the remainder away
>in the fridge and it goes bad.   I can't afford to be wasting food.  I am
>on a fixed income, so I have to watch every penny.