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Oh Gimme Lean, lots of lean....

I've found that Gimme Lean lasts at least a week or more if kept in a
colder spot in the 'fridge.

One of the things that I tried on my son and some other company was to
make Gimme Lean sweet 'n sour "meatless balls and spaghetti.

If you're on the McDougall program and don't want to use real
spaghetti, you can use rice pasta.  Ener-G makes an excellent product.

What you need:

A 10-12" skillet that can be tightly covered
12 ounces ketchup
16 ounces ginger ale (please, not diet this time, you're going to need
the sugar to caramelize).
1 "chub" of Gimme Lean
3 cloves of garlic (more or less to taste...I like at least six)
2 egg whites or Ener-g egg substitute to keep it vegan
1 cup of oatmeal, maybe more

What to do with what you've got:

Combine the Gimme Lean, the garlic, the Ener-g or egg whites and the
oatmeal in a large bowl.

This is not a good time to get queasy about getting your hands into
your food.  "Smush" everything EXCEPT THE KETCHUP AND GINGER ALE
together.  If it seems too loose, add some more oatmeal.

Put some plastic wrap over the bowl and let rest in the 'fridge for
about 20 to 30 minutes.

Then combine the ketchup and ginger ale in the skillet over a medium
flame.  As you do that, start making your meatless balls.  When the
ketchup/ginger ale starts to bubble, add your meatless balls and
cover, turning the heat down a little.

Every 10 minutes or so, turn the balls over.  Cook 'em for at least 30
to 45 minutes.  You're really cooking the oatmeal and "marrying" the
garlic into the Gimme Lean.

Start the water for the spaghetti (I prefer vermicelli) and as soon as
its ready holler "Chow's ready" (I live in Texas, okay? <G>)

Don't tell them it's not meat and they usually won't notice.  If they
do, let them eat the spaghetti with the sauce and YOU can have a
delightful lunch the next day.

Hope that works for ya!

Bev Kurtin
Hurst TX