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Genetically altered veggies, yoghurt

Sharon wrote:
> Andrea referred to the Orthodox ruling on the use of Quinoa, which 
> me of an article I recently read on genetically engineered vegetables.
> Apparantly tomatoes are genetically altered with the use of DNA from 
> Atlantic flounder and shellfish.  Surely these 'mutant tomatoes'
> (unfortunate as they may be) are still kosher, are they not?

Better ask your rabbi. Are they still vegetarian, I wonder? How would one 
know if one was eating one? Are they marked in any way?

Bobby wrote:
> Hello all. Does anyone know of a brand of FF yogurt without gelatin or
> pectin that one could use to make yogurt "cheese"? It seems that all the
> yogurts I find have one of two ingredients in them and can't be used.
> Thanks

I believe that Astro yoghurt doesn't contain pectin (I know for a fact that 
it doesn't contain gelatin).  I don't know if it's available in the US, 

Be well, Hadass, way way way behind, as usual.

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