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I just returned from a trip to Boston last week, and I forgot to ask the
list for places to eat.  Big mistake.

What I found was that Boston is not a very veggie-friendly town, let alone a
VLF veggie town.  I was amazed that in almost every case, there was not a
single veggie main course item on the menu.  Sure, there were salads and
french fries, but that was about it.  Since we were staying downtown and had
no car, I pretty much had to make special requests at the many nice
restaurants we ate at and had to eat terribly if I was with a group at we
were trying to grab a quick bite.  At a pub I was told that they could not
sell me a burger with onions and mushrooms, hold the meat.  I finally
convinced them that it was not appropriate for them to serve me the burger
as described on the menu and have me remove the offending animal product.

The conference I attended was hosted at the Boston Park Plaza hotel.  My
conference meals consisted entirely of an extra large portion of whatever
the side vegetable was for the SADs.  The first day I was served about 2
pounds of butter-drenched green beans. The second day I had iced tea and
bread because the vegetable had bacon mixed in.  The third day I skipped the
meal and went out.

In the case of the smaller meetings I was in, we requested a veggie meal for
two of us.  It turned out to be a buffet, and the only thing served for us
was a tray of raw veggies.  When I asked that the next day's choices include
cheese or grains or potatoes or at least warm veggies, we were brought a
tray of cheese and lunchmeat arranged in little pre-made bundles, mixed
together.  I requested some cheese on a plate, which showed up about 20
minutes after the meal was finished.

Are there NO vegetarians in Boston? Sorry if I sound bitter, but I have
never experienced so much inflexibility in all my travels, even in the
Maritimes of Canada, where fish and seafood is a way of life, served for
breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner, sometimes even in the dessert.

Does anyone recommend any places to eat in Boston, for when I go back?

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