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TVP reconstitution

Textured Vegetable Protein is vegetable protein.  I make my own with tofu:
freeze a block of tofu for a few days, thaw and squeeze out the excess 
moisture, crumble it up and mix in your favorite flavoring.  Then I dry
it in my dehydrator for easy storage. 

To reconstitute it, I use equals parts of TVP and warm water.  

I prefer the store products when I need convenience, but I prefer my
homemade TVP for camping and backpacking.  Makes great chili.

I find miso in our local health food stores.  

Lee Ann

Cathy wrote:
> I've been searching a long time to learn what TVP stands for and what it is.
> Finally I found the answer on the Web.  Now I can't seem to find the info on
> how to reconsitute this stuff.  I have a hugh bag with no instructions.  Do I
> make it like rice...1 cup to 2 cups of water????
> Also, is TVP like the Morningstar and Boca products that it's vegetable
> protein? Does anyone prefer TVP over the ready made products in the frozen
> food (ie. Morningstar and Boca)?  
> Also,  where do I find Miso?  
> Thank you for your help.
> Cathy