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>Has anyone tried these yet?  I saw them for sale in my local Fortinos and
Dominion (Toronto area) and bought a package.

I haven't seen these yet, but if they are anything like the Morningstar
Farms version (available in the US), I'll be buying them.

BTW, I just purchased a package of TVP chunks(So Soya) at the BulkBarn in
the Pickering SuperCentre.  They are made by Bay Hill Impex, Ltd, in
Scarborough, ON.  I called them to inquire about their other products and a
wonderfully helpful woman gave me their web address

The Product is available in:
So Soya Strips -Textured Vegetable Protein
So Soya Chunks-Textured Vegetable Protein
So Soya Mince -Textured Vegetable Protein
So Soya Flavoured Chunks- Textured Vegetable Protein
So Soya Flavoured Mince- Textured Vegetable Protein
So Soya Defatted Flour-Soy Protein
So Soya Crumbs
So Soya Beans

There isn't much more detail about the products.  They have an 'under
construction' ordering form, but it is unsecure, doesn't offer any prices,
and probably doesn't work.  You can find their phone number there, too.
Their e-mail address is info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  At least I won't have to order
from the States any more.


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