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Re: adapting prepackaged mixes

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:07:59 -0500 Kristin Bass <kmbass@xxxxxxxxx>
>Does anyone have any experience adapting muffin mixes with FF
>substitutions?  I realize this doesn't eliminate the fat already in 
>the mix, but does it at least reduce the fat without harming the flavor?
>For example, here's my plan.  I have a corn muffin mix (Betty
>Crocker to be specific) which calls for 1 egg, 1/3 c. milk & 2 Tb
>margarine.  Just dry, the mix has 1 gram of fat per serving - okay, 
>it's not FF but I'm willing to take it.  My plan is to use 2 egg whites,

>1/3 c. skim, and maybe eliminate the margarine altogether??  Or maybe I
>use a little yogurt or FF buttermilk (in place of both the marg. &
>Anyone ever done this before?  Could I pull off these substitutions to 
>make something that still bakes well *and* would suit the taste buds of
>SAD (but flexible) eater?

I haven't tried adapting baking mixes, but I've had great success with
*Mrs. Crutchfield's * Fat Free baking mixes.  There is 0% fat, all you
add is water, and they have fooled a SAD eater.  I've tried the corn,
blueberry and bran muffins, and all were great.  

By the way, Mrs. Crutchfield's isn't from the natural food store; it is
sold in most of the supermarkets around here in the northeastern U.S.  It
comes in a little box and is in the baking section.  If you can't find
it, try writing to the manufacturer.  Their address is: Wilkins-Rogers
Inc., PO Box 308, Ellicott City, MD, 21041-0308.

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