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Red lentils or not? and polenta, too

Hi, all,

All this talk about red lentils got me curious and I bought and made some with
some broth, crushed tomatoes, onions and garlic.  They tasted like split peas
to me.  Fortunately, that's okay!  Was someone fooling around with the labels
or are red lentils split peas in disguise?

Re: polenta, my son LOVES fresh-made polenta out of the pot with butter buds,
garlic powder and frozen corn mixed in and heated through.  I cook it either
in broth or salted water.  One of these days I will manage to cook enough to
be able to chill and grill some - the pot is always empty when the meal is

And for Patti, I love the old rule my home ec teacher gave us - make sure your
plate is colorful and you will have a healthy meal.  Now, that doesn't always
work for SAD eaters, but if you've got brown rice or whole wheat pasta,
artichokes and tomatoes, or white beans, onion and spinach, or broccoli,
carrot and red bell pepper, or eggplant and zucchini and tomato, or black
beans, tomato salsa and corn....you see what I mean?  And you don't have to
have everything at once, either.  I see nothing wrong with a meal of
cavatelli, garlic, red pepper and broccoli with rice milk and some fruit for
dessert.  (My SAD son thinks I use WAY too much broccoli, but that's his
problem - or his benefit, I should say. <wink>)