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more plantains

I would add some information about plantains.
In Suriname plantains are common food.
It is eaten green instead of rice and so on. I just want to warn the
new cookers that by peeling a fluid comes free which gives a stain
that is unremovable. You should see my t-shirts I weared the first
year I lived here!
Then it is eaten very ripe, as already written about. The peel then
has black parts, but does not feel too soft. I can add that I eat
over ripe plantains just as they are on my bread.
The third way plantains are eaten here is half ripe: the peel is then
yellow without any black parts. The half ripe plantains are cooked
and eaten as a vegetable, for example with the b.b. with rice - a
recipe I posted some time ago.
My experience is that children like the half ripe plantains very
much: it has the same function in a meal as apple sauce, bur I think
it is healthier, for no sugar or honey is added.
I cook my half ripe plantain (one big one for two) in the bean stew
for the last ten minutes.