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steaming potatoes

I usually microwave several small red potatoes before going to work in the
morning and pan "fry" them in a small amount of mustard vinagrette when I
get home to have with my dinner later in the afternoon.  Yesterday I
steamed the potatoes, just to try something different, and when they were
done they were gooey, I think because of their starch content.  I rinsed
them with cold water and put in a covered dish in the refrigerator to use
later.  My question is:  Does rinsing the potatoes affect the nutritional
value of the potatoes in any way (vitamins, minerals, calories, etc)? 
Also, does rinsing away this starch assist or hinder the digestion of the
potato (absorption & elimination).  I did notice they did not brown as well
as usual and they did have a slightly different texture and flavor.

Also wanted to add how much I appreciate everyone on this list and thank
you all for sharing your experiences and advise.

Kathy Walsh