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Re: Thanksgiving (Part 3) - stuffing

I used a variation of Barb Beck's Stuffing recipe the other night
when we went to a braaivleis (barbeque). The carnivores ate so much
that they had no room for their burned offerings *grin*.

I took wholewheat hamburger buns (any smallish round bread rolls or
buns will do) and carefully sliced the tops off.

I hollowed out the contents of the buns (which I used in place of
the cubed bread in Barb's recipe) and filled them with "Stuffing",
wrapped them in tinfoil (aluminium foil) and put them on the
barbeque.  I have also put them in the oven in the past.

When the buns are crispy and the contents hot, creamy, and "set".
They're ready to eat!

Here's Barb's recipe with my amendments:
>Stuffing (Dressin):  All measurements very approximate.
>2 loaves bread cubed (I used the contents of the buns, processed to
fine crumbs)
>2 egg equivalents
>8 cups mushrooms slices
>2 large onions chopped
>5 cloves garlic chopped (I used 3 - see below)
>6 stems celery sliced
>1T or more poultry seasoning (I omitted this and used 1/2 t
Robertsons Garlic, Parmesan and Herb seasoning - fatfree)
>1 C dried cranberries (or more) (I left these out - we can't get
them here)
>1 1/2 cup veggie broth (approximate) (I used fatfree milk)
>pepper (optional)
I also used a sprig each fresh thyme, rosemary and parsley + 3 fresh
basil leaves, all chopped finely.

>Cook mushrooms, onions, garlic and celery in nonstick wok (I used
an ordinary saucepan) until celery is tender.  Add remaining
(I only add just enough milk to make it thick and creamy). Check the
seasoning and adjust to taste >

Pile the stuffing into the buns, replace the "lids" and cook in the
oven or on a barbeque. I suppose you could also nuke them, but I
would suggest you use a medium power because of the bread content.

NOTE: This quantity of stuffing easily fills 12 buns. It also
freezes well if you find you have too much.
Fran Watts

I can't wait until my children have their own home.
Then I can get my revenge!