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Rella Consumer

I use a product that is made from rice and is very good.  My SAD partner
didn't even know that it was not made from m*lk.  I use it in all the same
ways that you would regular cheese.  My favorite is on veggie burgers.  We
like pizza burgers (veggie patty fried in oil spray, when first side is done
put prepared pizza sauce on patty, and top with rice mozz. cheese)  Another
good way is on top of stuffed portabella mushrooms (saute onions in broth
until tender, put bread crumbs in to soak up liquid, put onion mixture into
metal baking pan, place mushrooms on top of onions and top with rice mozz.
We usually do these on the gas grill on medium for about 20-30 minutes (just
watch for cheese to brown a little, but not dry out mushrooms.)  We have
baked these in a 350 degrees F oven with same times with about the same
results.  Hope these spice up your cheese.  If you really like spiced up
cheese I found a pepper jack tofu variety at our local super market that is