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>Ok, I bought some tomatillos at the store.  Now, how does one prepare
>them?  I know they're in salsas a lot; I'm thinking about either making a
>salsa with them or making a one-pot black bean dish to eat over sliced
>(store bought) polenta.  Any suggestions?
The first time I ever ate tomatillos was on pizza!  I'd never been
adventurous with my pizza eating before that time, but this was at a
friend's home, so I shut up and put it in my mouth.  It was delicious!  She
also added slices of garden-fresh tomatoes and basil leaves.  At the time,
I was only vegetarian, not vegan (and not yet vlf), so there was cheese.  I
think, however, that combination would still be wonderful using ff or no
cheese at all.