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Re: carbohydrates

I think the key to grains is variety.  If you eat a variety of different
grains you will receive the unique benefits that each holds.  Plus eating a
variety of grains will help prevent boredom.

Other than that it depends on what your goals are.  If you want to emphasize
weight LOSS than you are better off sticking mostly to unprocessed grains
ie. brown rice and barley as opposed to wheat bread and pasta (if you want
wheat then cook and eat wheat berries in their whole state).  If you are
trying to GAIN weight (they tell me that some people actually want to
accomplish this feat...hard to believe myself but YMMV:))  then you should
emphasize processed grains (that doesn't mean white flour necessarily, whole
grain flour and products made from it like pasta and bread are still
considered processed.)

Hope this helps,


>does anyone know the best source of carbohydrates?  should i be eating more
>wheat pasta, wheat bread, brown rice, barley, oats, or couscous?  which of
>these is the healthiest?