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Barley is a grain, much like wheat, though I'm not about whether it has
gluten in it and I don't think barley flour is a regular find.  Pearl
Barley is delicious as an addition to soups and I am sure it could easily
replace rice.  For nutritrional stats (comparing the "McKensies Pearl
Barley" and the "Sunlong Organic Brown Rice" both next to me):

                Barley (100g)           Brown Rice (100g)
Energy            639Kj                     660Kj
Protein           6.6 g                      3.2g
Fat               0.71g                      1.3g
Carbs (total)    31.2 g                     32.8g
      (sugar)    >1   g                      0.3g
Dietry Fibre      2.9 g                      1.7g
Sodium           17.3 mg                     1  mg
Potasium        250   mg                   112  mg		

Being a grain, I think you could be hard pressed to find a non-vegan
version of it.  To prepare barley "put required pearl barley into a
saucepan and cover with water (approximately 3 cups of water for every cup
of pearl barley).  Bring to the boil and simmer for approx. 35 minutes
until tender).  Do note that 1 cup of dry barley is about 3 cups of
reconstituted barley.

Jacinta from Australia