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favorite meal

My favorite meal in terms of a quick and easy meal is vegetable soup!

- I use as broth a pack of vegetable soup  (use twice the amount of
water becaus of the amount of salt in yhe packaged soup) and
vegetables on hand.

- I simmer onions, garlic, other spices to taste and the vegetables
till tender.

- In another pot I cook the broth with a filling: patotoes, pasta or
sometimes a handfull of green split peas.

- Then I put the vegetables in a cup and pour the broth over it.

In a quarter of an hour a meal!

The leftover vegatables and broth I keep separat because I don't like
too soft cooked vegatables.

By the way: the tip to have always a pot of soup in the fridge came
from some one on this list. For me it was a very valueable tip.

Myrna Laret