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bread machine vs kitchen aid


  I'll have to disagree with this one ;-)  I just got a kitchen aid
mixer last week and I LOVE it!  I decided on it because I just couldn't
see getting something (a bread machine) that takes up so much space and
is only used for making bread.  Kitchen Aid Mixers have so many other

  Anyway, I made both pizza dough and dough for potato turnovers last
night, and not only did it turn out perfectly, but it was SO fast!  Took
me something like 3-4 minutes to make each (not counting time to raise
ofcourse) and there was no mess!

  The instructions say to knead it on speed 2 for 2 minutes which is
what I did.  The dough *was* pretty sticky when  I pulled it out, but I
had no problem with it rising and no problem with the stickiness after
it was done rising.

  For the person who was asking how to knead dough in their kitchen
aid.  It came with an instruction/recipe book which has most basic
things that you would want to do in it.  I just followed the method for
their pizza dough and used my own recipe.


> I found that the Kitchen Aid was underpowered for kneading bread. If you try
> to knead bread on anything more than low, you burn out the motor. Boy, did it
> smell bad! I kind of felt like a real dodo. I called the company and the
> person I talked to said to let the machine knead the dough only until it forms
> a ball. Well, it's still pretty sticky. And, it didn't rise very well as it
> was under-kneaded. Hand-kneading it kind of defeats the purpose.

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