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bread machines, arrowroot, corn starch

I really need help with purchasing a bread machine.  Lots of postings
talk about making bread and I would love to know what machines people
have and what they like/dislike about them.  I love ww bread, tomatoe
basil bread and other hearty breads and would love to try making them.

I've seen some recipes in a cookbook I bought recently calling for
arrowroot and others for cornstarch.  Are these just thickening agents
or do they have other purposes.

I have tried the rice raisin pudding recipe without the pumpkin that was
posted a couple of months ago.  I can't eat it fast enough it is so
good.  I brought my own food to our Christmas dinner, since I'm the only
vegetarian in the family, and a couple of gourmet cooks tried it and
absolutely loved it and already requested that I make it next year for
them.  I was thrilled with this since I used soy milk which they had
stated 5 minutes before trying it that they hated all soy products.  I
forget who posted this recipe but thanks, I almost have to make it
weekly for myself.  I wish I knew how many calories I was eating.