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Re: Turkish Red Lentils -- any ideas?

Sherron wrote:

> A friend gave me 2 lbs. of Turkish red lentils for Christmas and they are a beautiful bright orange and very, very tiny!! The lentils I have used before are about the diameter of a pea - these red o
> es are only about 1/8"! 
> I don't really want to just throw them into my taco lentils, but would like to make something that would use them to advantage and also show off that lovely color (presuming they don't turn a normal
> brown when cooked). Does anyone have any suggestions?
We have so-called red lentils here in South Africa which are also 
very small.  They cook within a few minutes and turn to mush in a few 
seconds longer!

They are, however, great in lentil burgers, for extenders in veg 
pies, meat loaf etc where it doesn't matter if the lentils don't hold 
their shape.

They are not as "muddy" tasting as the brown lentils.

Good luck.
Fran Watts 
Ballito, South Africa
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get comfortable!