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Black and Decker Steamer and McDougall

First of all, to the person who got the Balck and Decker Steamer/ Rice 
cooker.  What a great gift!  I am assuming you are talking about the 
flavor-scenter steamer.  I bought one for myself about a year ago and we 
use it almost every single day.  My family's vegetable intake probably 
tripled.  You can steam virutally any fresh veggie in it and it comes out 
tasting fantastic!  My kids will now eat things like zucchini and 
broccoli.  They taste sooooo much better than frozen veggies.  As far as 
the rice cooker part goes, I have never used it to cook rice, so I 
couldn't really tell you anything about that.  I steam fresh veggies for 
almost every meal, so if we have rice, it has to be made on the stove.

Now, for the person who said they were having trouble adapting to the 
McDougall Maximum Weight Loss plan because they didn't like the recipes...
The great thing about the McDougall plan is that you don't have to follow 
a strict menu.  There is no reason at all why you would need to use any 
of the recipes in the back of that book if you don't want to.  To be 
perfectly honest, I love the book, but I only saw a couple of recipes 
that even looked remotely intriging.  However, I also have _The New 
McDougall Cookbook_ and I use it constantly.  All you have to do is 
remember the quidelines when using recipes from any book--no added fat; 
no meat, dairy or eggs; whole grains only; etc.  Don't give up the 
program because the recipes in the book are uninviting, just find recipes 
from other sources (like this group!) that are within the guidelines or 
that can be altered to be within the guidelines.

Hope this helps!