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Re: Oil & Butter Substitutes

> We got a Bread Maker for Christmas and we're trying to learn how to convert
> recipies to fat free (or at least low fat).  I've used applesauce, prune
> puree, and FF yogurt to replace half of the oil or butter, but when I try to
> go further than 50 % the recipe turns out heavy and "soggy".
> Do any of you have some standard "Rules of Thumb" for converting recipies.

	I've been cooking whole wheat (but not fatfree) bread in my
breadmaker. For a while, the bread kept coming out very dense.  I
discovered that to make good bread, it really helped to put warm water in
the bread machine, mix in the sugar and yeast, and let it sit for a couple
minutes, and then add the flour and other stuff.  

My breadmaker came with the following high-sugar but fatfree receipies.

100% Whole Wheat

9-10 oz 	water
1 1/2 t		salt
1 1/2 T		honey
1 1/2 T		molasses
3 1/2 c 	whole wheat flour
1 T		vital gluten
2 t		active dry yeast

Use whole wheat setting.

100% Whole Wheat 2
10-12 oz 	water
2 t		salt
2 T		molasses
1 T		packed brown sugar
4 cups		whole wheat flour
1 1/2 t		vital wheat gluten
2 t		active dry yeast

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