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Re: Savory Oatmeal?

> From: makey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (LMM)
> Does anyone have suggestions for savory additions to oatmeal? I have
> used nutritional yeast (yummy!), what else should I try? TIA-LMM

My favorite savory oatmeal dish is simple.  Sorry for the 
less-than-traditional format here!

Begin with slightly more water than you would normally use (perhaps
2.5 cups where the recipe calls for 2 cups--i use more than that, 
but I like it soupier, and YMMV), and add the appropriate quantity of 
veggie broth powder/cubes.  You could probably use canned broth 

Mince some veggies--I like a combination of onion, carrot, celery,
and perhaps some mushroom and a couple of cloves of garlic.  I can't
give precise measurements here--it depends on the veggie to porridge
ratio you want in the end. :)  (Chopping the veggies doesn't really 
take that long, even in the morning.)

Let the veggies boil in the broth for a few minutes before you add 
the oatmeal to it, then cook the oatmeal like usual.  I like to 
lightly spinkle each bowl with coarsely ground black pepper--but I 
want to experiment a bit with seasonings.

Hope this helps!