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Re: freezing pizza crust

Hi !

To the person wanting to freeze pizza crust.  I prebake my crust  for
7-10 min. then double-bag them in the plastic paper bags our grocery
stores gives us.  They fit around a 12" crust and I tie the handle parts
together. I then take another bag and place over the first bag with the
tied handle end going in first.  This way I feel I'm using those bags
for something useful and it really makes the time for preparing the
balance of the pizza go very quickly.  I don't know about most people,
but when I want pizza I want it NOW.  So all I have to do is put on the
toppings and put it into the oven and enjoy great pizza within 30 min.

If you know you will want pizza the next day it works out okay to take
frozen dough rounds from the freezer and let them thaw out - but haven't
we all had the urge sometimes for pizza NOW (tee hee !)  Well that's
when freezing pre-baked crusts come in handy.  They never last long
enough in our freezer to get any freezer burns.  I have been using the
double-bag system for sometime now and haven't had any problem.

Enjoy !!!
Toni in rainy but NOT snowy Milwaukee