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re: Onions without Tears

Janice asked:
   Most of my favorite veggie recipes call for cutting up onions, and I
   never found a way to do it without copious tears.  I cry so much I'm a
   menace with a knife in my hands.  Has anyone found a way around this?

Sure.  There are many methods I've heard of, but I've found a sure fire way:
I started buying frozen onions already chopped.  My grocers also has fresh
onions already chopped, but I love the convenience of the frozen.  I suspect
it is more expensive, but at least this way I'll cook.

My other favorite technique is less elegant:  I have a little Cuisinart
mini-chop that is really easy to clean.  I just through chunks of onion in
there and turn it on.  It isn't as pretty a chop, but it saves my eyes.