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Re: What's in there?

Beverly Kurtin <bevku@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

> We've all opened a refrigerator container only to find that we'd
> uncovered a science project...all green and yuckie and odiferous. 
> [Stuff about keeping track of what's in your fridge/freezer]

Nice to hear from you again, Bev! I have missed your particular brand
of hints and humour.

I think I posted this a while ago (may have been a different list),
but I think it's worth repeating, as my current (ridiculous) level of
busyness means it is paying dividends.

I have an old cupboard door (but any shiny white surface would work)
propped on top of my freezer. I have a dry-wipe marker (most
stationery shops will have these) and I write on the door what is in
the freezer.  When someone takes something out, they just rub it off.
When someone puts something in, they write it on. I've even got the
door divided into 3 sections for the 3 shelves in my freezer. Like Bev
suggested, I put the date as well. 

If your freezer door is white and not covered in stickers :-) you
could use that. I have also started using my fridge door for shopping
lists with the same marker. 

A small hint - if something stays in your freezer for a long time and
the marker doesn't want to rub off, write over it with fresh marker
and rub off straight away.

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