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What's in there?

I've been archiving all the wonderful recipes these past several
months and will (hopefully) become active again on FF, but I just had
to share this with y'all.

We've all opened a refrigerator container only to find that we'd
uncovered a science project...all green and yuckie and odiferous.

Living down here in Texas, weevils get into just about anything that's
left in a plastic bag, so I recycle Roma (a delicious grain beverage)
bottles to use as canisters.  They hold exactly a quart, so they're
great for rice, beans, and other dry ingredients.

But how to identify what some of them are?  Let's face it, there's
nothing more disheartening to realize that you just tossed a cup of
wheat bran into a pot meant for bulghur.

So I use Avery 8163 labels to identify what's in the jar, instructions
on reconstitution, any relevant nutritional info, etc.

I use Word for Windows and have a page set up with a shortcut (for
Windows 95 of course) that shows a whole page of 8163 labels.  You
could use 8162, but I find them just a tad too small to do much

Press CTRL+ALT+P (or View, Page Layout), then Alt, V, Z, W, Enter (or
View, Zoom, Whole Page, Enter).  That way you can see the entire page
and know what column and row into which you will be typing.

You can get as fancy with fonts and sizes and colors as you want.  I
like to use nice looking labels m'self, so I take a few extra moments
to set an attractive font and size.

Now here's where you can stop "science projects" from developing in
your refrigerator: Print a description of what is in the container and
the DATE it was put up.  Yes, you COULD just write it, but why do
things the easy and obvious way?

My food wastage has diminished at least 90% since I've started to do
this.  And since everything is vegetarian, anything that gets just a
bit questionable (if in doubt, throw it out!), it goes into the can to
be taken out to the pile where food can be recycled back into dirt.

Arrrgghhhh!  My aphasia simply will not let me say the simple word for
that pile.  Sorry 'bout that, but having aphasia is a bit like having
a sandwich that is two inches away from your mouth.  You can not eat
it no matter how hungry you are.

AHHHHH!  Compost!  That's the word I was searching for!

I'll be off the system for a couple of days while my system has "its"
memory  checked, too.