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Re: processors, grills, & thanks

Barbarisi, Karen R. wrote:

> More advice please:
> I want to buy a food processor.  Besides chopping vegies, what else do
> they do?  I looked at the kitchen aid and cuisinart (sp) both are a
> little expensive but look sturdy, what are you all using and are you
> happy with them.


I have a Cuisenart food processor.  I actually use it very little and
yes it cost a lot.  I also have thier mini prep which is just OK. 

 The Custom 11 I have is very strong.  I generally use it only when I
need something chopped very finely, like onions or carrots.  For regular
chopping, I just do it by hand; it saves time on both set-up and
clean-up.  The bowl on mine is _very_ hard to get on and off.  I have a
rubber mallet I use to hit it.  They do have a very good consumer help
line if you ever need it.  It also is great if you need to grate a ton
of cheese for something-saves those knuckles.  You do have to cut things
to size first to fit in the hopper.