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Liptons onion soup isn't veg

>Dean's Special Fruit Salad
>1  fresh head of lettuce
>1 small can chopped pineapple
>1 large tomato
>1 package of liptn onion soup mix

Not to bum anybody out, but I called the 800- number on the side of the
Lipton onion soup mix package and the customer service rep confirmed that
the "natural flavors" mentioned on the package *may* (read "probably" or
"almost always") contain beef or chicken extract.  Yuk.

I registered my outrage that they don't list this stuff, but she said that
according to FDA regs, they don't have to when the amounts are small.

Sighing for those old "Swedish Gimme Lean Balls" I used to make...


Lisa T. Bennett (ltbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)