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Re: processors, grills, & thanks

>I want to buy a food processor.  Besides chopping vegies, what else do
>they do?  I looked at the kitchen aid and cuisinart (sp) both are a
>little expensive but look sturdy, what are you all using and are you
>happy with them.

I originally thought I'd use mine mainly to chop veggies, but I actually
use it even more for other things, like making creamy vegan soups out of
potatoes w/ other veggies (like asparagus & fennel this time of year), for
making hummus and other bean&herb pate's, for making salad dressings that
want garlic whizzed into them, whizzing tofu to use in creamy dishes &
desserts, chopping cabbage for slaw, and I'm sure I use it for other things
as well that I'm not thinking of at the moment. (I've also used it for
making verboten items like nut butters & marzipan...). I prefer to use the
Kitchen Aid mixer for bread. The Kitchen Aid is another survivor of my
kitchen, which I've begun to consider a kind of deathtrap for flimsy
low-cost appliances. I burned out a cheap food processor in 2 years, but
I've been using this cuisinart (the cheap(er) "classic" model) for 5+ years
and it seems very little the worse for the wear.  The Kitchen Aid mixer is
6-7 years old, and similarly healthy. I recently found a
factory-reconditioned Kitchen Aid blender at an outlet store, and it is
taking over some duties from the cuisinart. It's another of those  heavy
duty hi-torque appliances that don't smell hot even after running all-out
for 10-15 min...

>Has anyone used these stove top grills, and do the vegies taste like
>they do from the oven.

I've been wondering about those too.  Finally I decided that the stovetop
grills looked like they were mainly for meat. Anyone beg to differ?