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processors, grills, & thanks

Thanks to everyone for the salad dressing recipes.  I have been
experimenting and although I haven't found one that I absolutely love, I
have not been disappointed by them either.

More advice please:

I want to buy a food processor.  Besides chopping vegies, what else do
they do?  I looked at the kitchen aid and cuisinart (sp) both are a
little expensive but look sturdy, what are you all using and are you
happy with them.

I roasted vegitables in the oven for the first time and they were
delicious.  the eggplant was a little crispy, but the zucchini, red
peppers and portobella mushrooms were juicy.  I just sprayed them
lightly with virgin olive oil.  any suggestions.  I have seen grills for
stove tops by caphelon and analon.  I own analon cookware and love it.
Has anyone used these stove top grills, and do the vegies taste like
they do from the oven.

I have just recently really got into experimenting with my vegetarian
cooking and want to purchase good cooking tools.  I bought the Analon
pans a few weeks ago and absolutely love them.

I appreciate any help on food processors and stove top grills.