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Mung Bean Noodles & Indigestion [WAS: Jap Che/Chapchae]

I didn't understand what "Jap Che" was until I surfed the recipe sites and
discovered that the Korean "Chap Chae" is actually the Fried Tung Hoon
(Fried Mung Bean Noodles)  we eat here in Singapore. The only way to do it
LF or FF is to fully eliminate the oil used in the recipe. But then it
wouldn't really be Chap Chae anymore.

My grandmother would advise the consumption of mung bean noodles without
the addition of oil. She claims that it could result in indigestion. I
don't know if her "theory" is true, but I once suffered from a VERY bad
case of indigestion after eating about 2 cups of cooked mung bean noodles.
I couldn't sleep the entire night, until I finally threw up the next
morning (more than 10 hours after eating those noodles) and the strings of
mung bean noodles came out in full. Those stuff never seems to get
digested, and just stays in your stomach for hours, creating alot of
discomfort. Most Singaporeans here are aware of this, since mung bean
noodles are pretty common here. Rice noodles are generally preferred. Well,
not everyone may be affected like this, I just thought I should caution
FFers about this FF food. A way to check if you are affected... have a bowl
of mung bean noodles for lunch at say 12noon... a BIG bowl if you wish,
with other foods if you wish...  if you get a churning ("hungry") stomach
before 3pm, it's most probably indigestion. 

Karen Lim