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popcorn and brownies

This message is for Annabel.  I usually spray on Braggs Liquid Aminos 
and then sprinkle with nutritional yeast flakes.  Shake it all up in a 
bag (most usually sticks to the popcorn).  Its wonderful that way.  It 
tastes like cheese popcorn.

Also, I just thought I would share this tidbit with you folks.  I 
recently purchased a fat free brownie mix that was WONDERFUL.  I 
brought them into work (where everyone eats the SAD) and was told they 
were the best brownies they ever had.  The brand is called NO PUDGE 
and it was the original fudge brownie mix flavor.  All you do is add 
nonfat yogurt and bake.  The ingredients in the mix are as follows:

Florida Crystals natural unbleached cane sugar, wheat flour, cocoa, 
natural Dutch cocoa, egg whites, corn starch, natural vanilla flavor, 
baking soda & salt.

Not bad, not vegan though, Sorry.  So anyway, anyone looking for a 
wonderful quick brownie mix, this is it!!!  They do offer mail order 
here is the address:

No Pudge! Foods, Inc.
PO Box 215
Elkins, NH 03233

(By the way, I am not affiliated with this company in any way.)