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> Dear List,
>         I am on a new medication for high blood pressure and was told
> that it could cause a deficit of potassium.  Other than bananas and
> oranges, what else is a good source of potassium?
>         Thank you for your help.
>                 Best regards,
>                 Rita Rosenthal

Try kiwis.  I sometimes take a peeled kiwi, a banana, skim milk, fat
free plain yogurt and blend them for a great fruit shake.  Maybe throw
in some frozen berries or mango chunks.

Following was taken from the California Kiwi website:

According to recent studies by the International Kiwifruit Organization
(IKO), kiwifruit appears to be the most nutrient-dense fruit in the
World. These studies also show that kiwifruit could lower cholesterol
and stress, while fighting cancer. Phenolics (natural antioxidants, like
those found in red wine, which may help prevent heart disease and other
diseases) are also found in kiwifruit. The skin of the kiwifruit, much
like that of the potato, is also edible and can put about 14% more of
the fruit to work for you. With, twice the vitamin C of an orange, the
potassium of a banana, and high contents of vitamin E, folic acids and
soluble and insoluble fibers, kiwifruit could be called a nutritional

Never thought of eating the skin, but it's a thought.