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Soy Pudding

Hello to all.

I need some help. I'm doing a presentation to a class of 20 Grade 10 
students and I would really like to serve them some sort of soy pudding 
that is very much like one made with milk. I am serving veggie dogs and 
perhaps roasted soybeans for them to try. I thought there would be one 
in the archives but there isn't. I need one that uses the soft tofu. I 
thought I saw one in a magazine involving tofu chocolate and a blender 
(I like simplicity). I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions. 
The presentations is about soybeans and I would like them to make a good 
impression. :) Thanks in advance. All the recipes or suggestions can be 
mailed to me personally at tasia69@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks so much!!

Contact me @ tasia69@xxxxxxxxxxx
Vist my website @ http://welcome.to/tasiasplace
or http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Studio/2191

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