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Soy Pudding

> I need some help. I'm doing a presentation to a class of 20 Grade 10
> students and I would really like to serve them some sort of
> soy pudding that is very much like one made with milk. I am serving
> veggie dogs and perhaps roasted soybeans for them to try. I thought
> there would be one in the archives but there isn't. I need one that
> uses the soft tofu. I thought I saw one in a magazine involving
> tofu chocolate and a blender (I like simplicity). I would really
> appreciate any ideas or suggestions. The presentations is about
> soybeans and I would like them to make a good impression.

Get one package of Mori Nu Lite tofu, put it in the blender and blend until
creamy and smooth (I sometimes need to add a bit of water for my 40 year old
blender to handle it).  Microwave a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips for a
minute and add them into the tofu.  Add whatever sweetener you like, to
taste.  This makes a great chocolate mousse/pudding, and also makes a good
dip for fruit (if I am using it for a dip, I don't add any sweetener).

Some grocery stores carry Tofu Mates for Mori-Nu tofu that you just add the
pudding mix to a package of tofu.  It's okay but expensive.

Another thing that I learned to do was to find a regular, no-cook pudding
mix that you would normally add milk to.  The generic ones at my grocery
store do not have any milk ingredients in them.  Add some blended-up Mori-Nu
Lite (about half a package) and mix together, then add a non-dairy milk
(rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, even water would probably work) until it
is the consistency of pudding.  Put in the fridge for a few minutes to
chill.  This is kind of fun to do because if you can find a brand without
milk ingredients in it, you can have all different flavours of pudding -
chocolate, vanilla, banana, caramel, etc.

There is also a recipe for key lime pie using silken tofu, where you just
add juice, sweetener, and colouring to blended up tofu.  I don't know if it
is in the archives or not, but you could make lemon, lime or orange pudding
the same way.