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Cranberries in hot cereal

I just discovered this is delicious !!!

I took 1/2 a package of fresh cranberries, added a plentiful amount
of water, and only a couple of spoonfuls of sugar, and boiled them
until they popped, about 5 minutes like the package said.  I then
added 1/2 of this to my microwavable hot cereal, and cooked it as
normal.  It is really delicious, gives a cute pink color to your
cereal, and even "mousses" it up a little bit.  The second time I
did it I added *no* sugar and found it just as delicious, but I'm
sure you'd want to adjust this to taste.

So now I'm alternating between pumpkin/cinnamon hot cereal and
cranberry hot cereal.  Thanksgiving every morning... :-)


Ellen M. Sentovich			
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