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Sugar Bad??

hello gang,

new on the fatfree digest, and a new vlf guy...   started this around 3
months ago, and i have lost over 50 pounds..  i only have 15 more pounds
to go...  my diet is almost pure vegetarian, and i make all meals for
myself in less than 10 minutes... My caloric intake is less than 1200
calories per day, and my recordable (printed on cans or easily looked
up) fat intake is no more than 4 grams per day..

my question is this--- I have really been staying away from sugar as
much as possible without going nuts over it... i still eat grapes and
other naturals that are loaded with sugar, but i stay away from coke and
other junk food that is loaded with sugar.. IS it really important to
stay away from sugar???  Exactly how does sugar add weight???

i would love to start eating sugars again, but i am afraid that the
sugar reduction was a major part of my loss... any thoughts would be
gratefully appreciated..