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RE: new year's

>Perhaps some of the southerners on this list can help me out with this
>one...  Is it Hoppin John that is lucky to eat on New Year's, or
>blackeyed peas?  Thanks... 

The tradition is blackeyed peas, which are also the main ingredient in
Hoppin' John. 

Our New Year's Day dinner begins with the ceremonious passing of the bowl
of blackeyed peas in which a dime (sterilized!) has been embedded. With the
understanding that any peas put on the plate must be eaten during the meal,
each person takes only one spoonful of peas--no stirring around
allowed--until someone gets the dime.  That person is supposed to have
unusually good luck during the year. 

Wishing all a fun New Year's Day followed by the best year ever,

Bette (in Georgia)