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Re: Some questions.......

> sounding recipes.  However, I need to retrofit my kitchen, so to speak,
> with the correct ingredients, cooking utensils and cook books before I ca=
> n
> really get going.  In the mean time I have some questions.

Actually, if you do it gradually, rather than a major retrofit, it will
make the transition easier.  
> 1.	There has been frequent mention to eating SAD but I've seen no
> definition of what that  means.  Could someone please enlighten me?

SAD= Standard American Diet    You know--meat and potatoes fare.
> 2.	Nutritional Yeast......  Is that a specific variety of yeast?  Is it
> labeled =93nutritional=94 I purchased something in the health food sectio=
> n of
> my local supermarket that came in bulk, was mustard yellow in color and
> called yeast.  Maybe I was expecting something different or used it wrong
> but, to my taste buds, it was the most disgusting thing I=92ve run into
> lately.

Nutritional yeast is a type of yeast, not a brand.  Our health food store,
for some reason, does not carry it.  But they do sell Brewers yeast, which
I use on occasion as a substitute.   I imagine though that the nutritional
yeast is the better choice.
> 3.	At an out of town Harvest Festival I purchased 3 7 oz. packets of
> something called =93Original 3-B Mix=94 from a local entrepreneur.  It wa=
> s a
> mix of Barley, Bulgur, and Brown rice which cooked up to approximately 2 =

I've never heard of this....
You can experiment with your own inventions in recipes once you become
familiar with the ingredients you will be using.
Lee Ann