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Unbuttered in Japan

Thanks all,

I can't afford a bread machine right now so I'll look into it later on. It
seems like the best idea.
An Oven? How did you get it so cheap?
I'm not crazy about french bread I need something more substantial than
that. The rye bread sounds good and I will search for it.
Bagels we have in Kyoto however, they have sugar in them and also vegetable oil.

Do all bagels have oil in them?

I did find some pita bread which has been satisfying my bread fix but I'm
still out there searching for the perfect bread.
I'll keep trying.
Thank you so much for you help.

Please tell me about the cheap oven if you have a chance.

I eat fish so I have no problems about stock. I take care however, since I
just resently found out that not all fish are low fat some fish is VERY
high actually.

White fish is the best bet.
If you have any good idea's on how to cook white fish (tara) in Japanese
I'd appreciate it.

PS Thanks for the Muffin ideas!!!!!
I tryed the bonanza bread and it wasn't so bonanza.
Best banana bread is my try for tomorrow, I'll tell you how it goes.