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I have an older Vitamix (purchased about 1987). I use it every single day.
My husband and I live in our RV, and travel fulltime, so space is a very
definite factor in anything we own, and we don't take it lightly lugging the
Vitamix around. If it weren't useful, it would not be allowed on board.

I use it for everything imaginable. It makes wonderful smoothies. I use it
for batters, muffins, make soup, grind wheat berries for flour (which comes
out sort of coarse, but very good). I grind oatmeal to make oat flour. I
have used it to make peanut butter in the past, but don't do that anymore as
I rarely eat that much fatty food.

My Vitamix is one of the only things I ever bought that does exactly what
they say it will do and literally lasts forever. Mine is as good as the day
I bought it. The only thing I've ever had to do is replace the rubber gasket
on the lid, once.

I am not affiliated with the company, etc.

I know they are expensive, but you will only ever buy one in your lifetime.
I bought mine, then bought another at a yard sale for $100 (a steal!) for my
mother. I saw another one go at an auction for $25 -- I would have bid on
it, but the girl who bought it knew what she was buying and would have gone
up to two or three hundred dollars, so I knew there was no use in just
running the price up. She didn't have one and was determined to get it.

The one thing I rarely do in mine is knead bread. I tried it,  and it will
do it, but I just like to feel the bread dough.  It's an appliance that
takes a little bit of practice to learn to use, but once you do...