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Dear Sandy:
I use Stevia extract and am a satisfied user.  I paid $10
for 1 oz at a HFS.  It takes about 1/8 of a tsp. of the
extract to sweeten a bowl of hot cereal.  Previous to buying
the extract, I ordered Stevia from the site you mentioned.
The product I received was cut with maltodextrin and an
anti-caking agent.  The jar was 2.8 oz, but not pure Stevia.  
I paid approx. the same price for it as for the extract.  So
beware.  I suppose the additives made the product more user
friendly, but I prefer the extract.

I have not baked with Stevia, but I really like it as a
sweetening agent for cooked cereal, and will be using it
this summer in fruit smoothies from the blender.