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Pat, I got a Vitamix, as did my mother, after seeing its' uses at my
sister's.  It's WONDERFUL!  I use it regularly to grind wheat and coffee,
to chop cheese and onions, and to make bread dough.  I also make gallons
of grapefruit juice.  It is a very versatile machine.  Only drawbacks are
that it doesn't whip (i.e., egg whites), and sometimes it's hard to clean
(i.e., after chopping cheese).  Other than that, it's great.

The three of us purchased the one with the industrial power cord.  My dad
recently bought the one that looks like a large blender; he makes every
type of juice imaginable.  So, this is a Vitamix happy family!

Good luck with your decision, and Pat, if you have specific questions,
feel free to write directly to me.

Robin kj7bi@xxxxxxxx

>Someone mentioned having a Vitamix.  Do you like it, and >do you
>having one?  My husband and I received a brochure this >week in the mail
>Vitamix and thought we might like to try.
>Pat in California

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