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vegan & cheese

I'm with Gloriamarie - I have cut way down on cheese, but I crave the real
thing.  I, too, have an ultimatum to meet from my doctor.  My weight is
within the normal range, but my blood pressure is borderline high.  If it
isn't down in two months, it's medication time.  I figure it's time to take
the virtual vegan plunge (I'm not going to fuss over casein and trace
ingredients at this point, too much stress).  Since it's spring and garden
seed ordering time, I think that I'll compensate by going herb crazy.  I'll
sub strong mediterranean herbs for strong mediterranean cheeses, and putter
about among the pots of herbs as meditation.  
BTW, I'm trying to eat more meals without pasta or bread and would welcome
recipes that fit the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss criteria.
Unfortunately, I don't do well with lots of potatoes, so the book's recipes
aren't a great guide for me.