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Re: Unbuttered Bread


My wife & I are also in Japan.  We lived for one year with only 1
cooking burner and a toaster oven.  After our first year we bought an
oven.  We are much happier now and can cook just about anything we want
(assuming we can find the ingreds in our small town).  My advice to you
is to buy an oven.  They are much smaller than what you may expect and
much cheeper than we expected----about a man (  <- for those of you not
in Japan, thats pronounced "mon" and is about 10,000 yen, its a little
less than $100 and is truely next to nothing in this country).  Your
other option if you want to make bread only and don't mind spending
money is to buy an bread machine-----a little more expensive.

Other than that, just keep asking around.  I don't know about bread but
I made apple cake in my rice cooker once.  People with limted resources
come up with all sorts of ideas!